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How do you pray

When at the end of each day

Your prayers from before

Have not come to pass?


How do you believe

When all that you want to achieve

Is so hard that you don’t think

That your shrinking faith will last?


How do you stand

Not realy knowing His plan

And the next step to take

Is an overwhelming mystery?


How do you stay strong

And no matter what, hold on

When the place He’s leading you to

You just cannot see?


I know why you cry

Hot tears streaming from your eyes

When the cry of your heart

You’re unsure if it passes the ceiling?


I know why you wait

Walking a path that is narrow and straight

Even when you don’t know

If He will ever draw near


I know why you trust

Believing in Him! That’s an absolute must

Though the truth of His existence

To your heartbroken eye has not been revealed


I know why you groan

In your heart, deeply moan…

You know that He holds your future

And you are hidden in Him!


I just want you to know that you are not alone.  There are women who love God and love you and are committed to praying for you and with you, even when your heart hurts so badly that you can’t pray for yourself.  Even though i was not able to finish the ‘Submission’ conversation this week (my phenomenal sweetie wanted a little more of my time spent with him and less on the computer…I’ll write about that later :D), just know that I prayed for you, and I will continue to pray!  ❤ Selena

He Didn’t Have to Say a Word

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I took an unscheduled break from blogging today (and maybe tomorrow)😀 My Sweetie silently communicated with me that he wanted a little more of my attention…and I silently responded with submission. As a final thought for the evening, do we respond to the silent signals our husbands give us? Where we may verbally share our needs, a lot of theirs are shared silently…So we hear them but we can choose not to hear…not to honor…not to respect, so that in the name of “I didn’t know you felt that way” we can continue pursuing our own selfish ambitions? His facial expressions, tightened lips, downcast eyes, indifference, coldness…frustration…Oh, he’s communicating alright!!! Listen to what he doesn’t say, and I guarantee you will begin to hear his heart loud and clear…. begin to put his heart before your own…you will be blessed!  Good night ladies…I am going to cuddle with my love ♥

Are you a fool? Take the quiz!

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This is a wonderful resource to follow up yesterdays post… Self-evaluation is essential to growth and success in any relationship, especially in our relationship with Christ, and with our husbands.  As you answer each question take time to write down the verses immediately following your answer…and read them😀 This is a good place to leave for the weekend… I look forward to connecting on Monday! Enjoy your weekend with your families and in all your getting get understanding…

A Prudent Wife

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She must be from the Lord, because there is absolutely no way we coul craft or create, or become her on our own.  When your desire is to please the Lord and honor your husband, God gives you the wisdom and the tools to do that…but never forget that before he gave you the wisdom and the tools, it was God who gave you the desire.  Take a look at this verse, then come back and share what’s in your heart.  Do you see yourself, or the woman you want to become? Hurry back…I really want to hear from you😀

Let’s Talk About Submission (Intro)

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Praise God that this video was finally able to be successfully uploaded at 12:45am!!!!!  If you read yesterdays post, or saw some of the things I said on Facebook yesterday, you know that this was a thorn in my flesh yesterday… but there is something to be said about not giving up when God has given you a task or a command.  After more than 12 hours laboring with this and enlisting my children to help, I am awake and my strength has been renewed!!!…Well, actually, I am tired and can’t wait to go to bed😀, but you know what I mean.  You’ll definitely want to take a look at the video below. It officially kicks off this discussion on the topic/issue of submission with an introduction to the discussion and an overview of the upcoming month!




Every woman I know struggles with submission.We are all feminists at heart, clear back to Eve.  We want to be independent.  It’s just the way we are.  It’s not the way God made us, but it is the way we are as a result of the fall…Some people think submission implies weakness, doormat-ishn-ess.  Actually, the reverse is true: submission is difficult and takes great strength of character. It’s not weak women who submit respectfully; it’s strong ones.”      

Victoria Botkin, wife of Geoffrey Botkin, mother of seven and author of She Shall Be Called Woman

I agree with Victoria… every woman I know struggles with submission.  Not because we want to, but because our flesh demands that we do.  Our struggle to submit is larger than just in the area of our marriages.  We struggle to submit to God daily… because we have not let go of our sinful hearts.  We still want to do things our way, and we want to make our way Gods way…but it doesn’t work like that.  His ways must become our ways or nothing else works. Not our marriages, not our parenting, not our friendships…it will all be a struggle unless we conform to His will and submit to His Word.  Submission is not the four letter word we have believed it to be.  It is a grace-filled word that will bless your life once you make the choice to embrace it.

Your heart will be broken…

Your head will bow down…

Your hands will lift in worship…

When the grace of God comes down..

To fill your heart with Strength

And overwhelm you with His love

This happens only in submission

To the God of Heaven above

Don’t forget to read 1 Peter 3:8-12 in the context of marriage and relationships.  I will look forward to talking to you later today!!! I am sooo glad this worked out… Oh! And please don’t forget to connect with me here or over on Facebook.  I can’t wait to get to know you and hear your story!  See you soon!!